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Dental Implants can make Your Life Beautiful

Despite of the huge advancements in dental treatment, there are immense number of people who are suffering from tooth loss – mainly due to gum disease, trauma or tooth decay. Back in the days, the only option available for people who have missing teeth were bridges and dentures. On the other hand, dental implants are now available.

Basically, dental implant is a titanium root that’s placed in the jaw bones surgically. As soon as it is in place, the titanium surface is bonded to the jaw bone. The titanium post that is called as abutment will go from the implant via gum and serve as tooth part. The implant is offering solid foundation for either removable or fixed teeth replacement. They are capable of supporting bridges and crowns. At the same time, they are stabilizing removable and fixed dentures.

Toronto dental implants are offering improved look because they have emergence and profile that is very similar to natural teeth. They do preserve adjacent natural teeth since there’s no reason to trim the healthy tooth just to put a bridge crown; because the implants are secured and have better fit in comparison to the traditional removable dentures. Implants are functioning like teeth which let you eat your foods without worrying that it will break or fall off. With the immediate placement of the implant, you could have an implant that is placed in fresh extraction socket without waiting for months for bones to heal. Usually, this technique results in a better aesthetic outcome, particularly when the front teeth are involved.

To be able to receive implants, you should be able to have healthy gums and at the same time, adequate amount of bone to be able to support and to stabilize it. Additionally, you should also have good health. If you don’t have sufficient bone at the site of implant, then a bone graft may be placed in an effort to augment the area. Bone graft can be placed in sinus as a way to augment surgical sites for the replacement of upper molar teeth. You should then commit to keep your dental implants healthy following regular dental visits and meticulous hygiene. The implants can also develop gum disease for it acts as natural teeth.

More often than not, implants are more expensive in comparison to bridges and crowns. Majority of the insurance plans are not covering the implant treatment. On the other hand, taking into account the benefits that implants provide, it is a smarter investment than traditional methods. Find more here on this link.

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